We are a strategic advisory firm with focus on risks in the digital world. We have more than ten years experience and offer a broad spectrum of IT Security, Risk, Audit and Compliance services. Our services are offered to clients worldwide from our home base in Amsterdam.

For enquiries, please contact us at:

E-mail: info@diginovus.com

All enquiries will be answered within 24 hours.

Additional information is available at our Dutch website.

Our services


We offer information security advisory services that focus on all relevant elements in the security universe, such as strategy, process, human and technology. Your data is our concern. In close cooperation with our clients, we analyse strengths and opportunities for improvement. While providing recommendations, we ensure for user friendly IT experiences and efficient business processes.


We offer a broad spectrum of risk advisory services for business and IT processes involving a significant technology component. Services are provided to (large) business operations as well as to complex business transformation programs.


Conduction independent audits is one of our core competencies. To realise a high quality level towards clients, we only work with experienced and highly skilled qualified auditors. Our audit approach is strongly risk and fact based and we use extensive data analyses techniques.


Our compliance services focus on meeting regulatory, industry and customer requirements. Examples are compliancy with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), ISO27001 and the SWIFT Customer Security Controls.

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